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The Trabant Expedition after 6 African, 2 Asian and many European tours and races, in April 2021 will return to Africa, the Sahara Desert.

Our ferry arrives from the port of Civitavecchia to Tunis, from where the expedition will drive two Trabants to the oasis of Ksar Ghilan.
Our itinerary includes filming locations, national parks and natural attractions during the 10-days stay in Tunisia.

We also want to make a film that will be introduced at one of the European nature film festivals and we also have humanitarian goals: the team of our cars will donate schools supplies for primary schools operating in vulnerable environment.

‘A special car for the service of nature conservation’

Trabant brand cars were manufactured in East Germany during the communist aera for a few decades.

In addition to its simple construction, the special feature is in its body: Soviet industrial cotton waste and synthetic resin was used to build it. This was perhaps the very first recycling.

The Trabant Expedition was established Based on this recycling story. Its primary goals include, among others, nature and environmental protection, recycling and the preference for renewable energy resources.

Our car is a real “cult” car” that is why everyone admires it and takes photos. Our nature conservation values ​​are also exemplified by the fact that we do not embark on an expedition just for our own fun. We undertake humanitarian and nature conservation actions.

Our garbage collection and illegal landfill registration campaigns are already well-known in Central and Western Europe, and we want to organize similar ones in Africa as from this year. Our activities can be followed on our Facebook page, on our website or on the Trabant Expedition YouTube channel.

The Trabants are equipped with a 4x4parts winch, bottom plate-armor, high-performance compressor, plaquette de sables and a LED lighting system.

PMR and CB radios provide communication between our cars, and both cars have a 220-volt inverter and professional satellite navigation system.

You can find and check our website, Facebook page, YouTube channel. We will try to log in from Africa as many times as possible, an upload photos and videos. We would like to reach as many people as possible – this way you can also be part of our adventure.

Sign in or help us with donations – if you are interested send us an e-mail. The possible methods of donations can be seen at our website.

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